Urška Orešič (1981) began with very first music education in her home town Maribor. While taking few years of piano lessons at the primary Music School she began to compose her own musical ideas by improvising on the piano. She continued with studying the piano and music theory at today’s Conservatory of Music in Maribor. During that time she had been training her voice at world renowned Youth Choir Carmina Slovenica from Maribor, then she continued solo singing studying at Music School Vic-Rudnik in Ljubljana. In 2001 Urska was accepted to Music Academy in Ljubljana to study the composition and music theory with successful Slovene composer and Professor Pavel Mihelčič. She graduated with honors in 2005 with writing the one act Liric Opera “An Evening with Rafael” with her own libretto and music. She took parts in different composing seminars through the Europe and studied contemporary classical music with professors F. Burt, L. Voigtlaender and G. Fekete. During her studies Urška Orešič was a member of Zois scholarship and a students Preseren Prize for the public performances of her works. In 2009 she also graduated in piano studying with Professor Andrej Jarc and finished her post-graduation of music theory and composition with writing her Master’s degree at Music Academy Ljubljana in June 2011. Her music Opus includes different solo, choir, chamber and orchestral works; she mostly prefers vocal-instrumental music. The important works are: Sketches for strings, performed by Chamber Slovene Filharmonic Orchestra and Camerata Labacenzis, Triton which was recorded for Slovene promoting music in France with Radio Philharmonic orchestra and conductor En Shao, “Kremenov kamen s sonca” - Flinstone from the Sun written for Slovenian Octet, different Slovene folk-songs with modern arrangements (“Sem deklica mlada, vesela”, Kaj ti je deklica?” - What’s the matter little girl?) and musical songs written on poetry by Slovene famous writer Feri Lainšček (“Demoni” - Demons, “Afrodita”, “Sanje so večne – Dreams are eternal”, “Biciklin” – Bicycle…). As academic musician and the professor of music and piano she is working as a music artist along writing and performing music of different styles, including classical, pop, musical and crossover style. She is also working as a hotel “piano bar” pianist and singer in Rogaška Slatina.

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